Be Green: Use SearchScene (Poem)

We speak for the trees
The plastic-filled seas
Endangered species
Disappearing bees
Hungry refugees
Shivering babies
Silent tragedies.

We are rewilding
Slowly unwinding
Eco pathfinding
Building and binding
Greening and finding
New ways of minding
Nature spellbinding.

Green dreams cannot fade
Must not be delayed
Those promises made
Must not be betrayed
This is the decade
When we can evade
The looming cascade.

The future we fear
With tipping points near
The things we hold dear
Set to disappear
But hope springs this year
Wise leaders appear
The path becomes clear.

Change is in the air
We awake aware
In the smoke-filled glare
This fire we must bear
And our world repair
Don’t just say a prayer
Make a change and share.

Vote, participate,
With kindness debate
Blind fear will abate
Then we can create
A more balanced state
And change our doomed fate
Before it’s too late.

So if you are keen
To stop this obscene
Earth killing machine
If your budget’s lean
But your heart’s not mean
One way to be green
Is to use SearchScene

We’re people who care
And want to repair
A world that’s unfair
By using software
To fundraise and share
If you also care
Use SearchScene and share!

By Ciara Muldoon
Co-founder of
30 January 2021